LemonCloud is a massive network with slightly bit of every part including McMMO. The network is managed by a veteran who has been constructing and managing servers for over 10 years. Who lead the janaza prayer of umar farooq? Who found vaccines and the way? Who're the ladies within the Cleo's furniture commercials? You'll be able to see who's in your get together by doing /occasion or /occasion information . A occasion chief can disband your complete social gathering is by doing /occasion disband . A participant can see some get together command with /social gathering ? A social gathering leader can allow anybody to affix the social gathering by doing /social gathering unlock , or if they want it to remain locked can do /social gathering lock . If a party chief wants to permit me to join with the password. Applies a password to your get together. 2. Occasion Teleport- Unlocked at stage two occasion can be used by doing /ptp (get together member name) can be accepted by doing /ptp settle for Word this requires to attend 5 seconds to teleport and is recommended to make use of /tpa (playername) as a substitute.